Forged Steel Bellow Sealed Valve

CMK forged steel Bellow sealed valves are available in three bonnet designs, the first design is the Bolted Bonnet, with male-female joint, spiral wound gasket, made in F304L/graphite. The second design is welded bonnet, with a threaded and seal welded joint. On request a full penetration strength welded joint is available.

Design standard:

Design: API602, MSS-SP-117

Products range:

Size: 1/2" ~ 2"
Rating: 800LB ~ 2500LB
Body Materials: 304, 321, 316, etc

Design feature:



Bolted bonnet, Outside Screw and Yoke (OS&Y)
Welded bonnet, Outside Screw and Yoke (OS&Y)
Connect ends conform to Socket welded, Screw, Butt-welded and Flanged


Forged Steel Bellow Sealed ValveForged Steel Bellow Sealed Valve
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